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Enable your business to be truly global. Simultaneously communicate with customers anywhere in the world and in 133 languages.

How it works

How It Works

Babeltext is a multilingual messaging platform it allows your team to communicate with your customers and communities across the globe in 133 languages.

Babeltext provides real-time translations, enabling your team and your customers to chat in their native languages.


We support all the major platforms like SMS, Webchat, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messenger and Mobile Text.

We boast industry-leading accuracy across 133 languages.


Why Babeltext

Your customers want to be able to message rather than speak on calls. We empower businesses from all sectors to engage with their communities across the world in 133 languages, using their customers' preferred social channels. SMS, Discord, Telegram, Webchat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Google Business Messenger.

Unparalleled Engagement

Babeltext is your front-line customer support platform, providing unparalleled engagement, staff efficiencies and cost savings

Communicate in 133 Languages

You’ll also globalize your customer services with automatic translation in 133 languages

We Integrate to Your Ecosystem 

Connect your existing CRM to populate the Babeltext platform with your customer information or take a feed from us to you

Simple and

Our platform has been designed to be simple and intuitive, to speak to multiple customers, anywhere in the world and in any language

Future Proof Your Customer Services

Your operator will have more tools to work remotely. They can field customer inquiries from an office setting or if needed from the comfort of their homes


Extraordinary Platform
Extraordinary Customers

Simple Interface

Operator UI messaging channels are funnelled into one operator interface to manage conversations

Manage Volume

Babeltext platform can have multiple operators to manage high volume customer service, with all traffic equally distributed to operators

Global Translation

133 languages automatically translated to your live operators in English and back to customer’s original language

Fully Exportable

Retention of all customer information and the messaging history is fully exportable

After Hours

Out-of-Hours messages to capture client request, contact information and advise a response time to manage expectations

Easily connect

Connect your existing CRM to populate the Babeltext platform with your customer information or take a feed from us to you

White Label

Fully customisable white label platform to add your own company branding, logo and business identity

Template responses

Template responses create a convenient drop-down library of responses for operators to respond even faster

Broadcast Messaging

Multilingual personalised broadcast messaging can be delivered in the consumer's language, sending up to 100,000 messages each time

Multiple Conversations

Operators can have a conversation with multiple consumers simultaneously

Age verification

Age verification features enable clients to target the correct audiences

Omnichannel Feature

Omnichannel customer can start the chat through one channel (e.g. PC Webchat) and then continue from another (e.g. SMS).

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic statistics provide detailed reporting, reflecting all customer channels, languages and more.

Management Alerts

Set up management alerts for when messages have been unanswered for a specified period or escalations



Join us on our mission to simplify communication

We’ve made a complicated platform seem really simple! 

Now we need to recruit people that love blockchain technology and want to be part of something very special.


Our team is friendly, ambitious and super excited to meet you.

Invest in people

For Babeltext to succeed, the whole team needs to succeed too. That's why we invest in our people. Tailored training, a focus on upskilling and frequent opportunities for growth.


Our team benefits from an open culture, flexible hours, remote working, and a common-sense approach.


Be it monthly socials, company events or PS5 at lunch, we're a social bunch, even though we work remotely.

Not sure if you fit in?

Why not contact us anyway to discuss your skills and we can chat about our growth strategy!

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